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What is Smart all about?

Smart is an emerging market that provides home owners with different devices that are operated remotely via their mobile devices using apps. The purpose of Smart Home applications is to make everyone’s life easier, more efficient and often save money. This trend is already global and is set to become one of the largest industries in the world.

Where is  Smart Home technology now?

•  Currently the revenue in the Smart Home market amounts to over £2.2billion in the UK alone.

•  Globally the Smart Home market is worth around £38billion.

•  7.5% of all households across the world currently use Smart systems.

•  The most revenue is currently generated in the United States.

Where is Smart Home technology going?

•  The revenue in the Smart Home market is forecast to more than double in the UK by 2022, growing to a market worth over £4.7billion.

•  Globally the Smart Home market is set to be worth over £95billion by 2022.

•  Expected to grow to 19.5% of all households across the world using Smart systems by 2022.

•  By 2020 it’s expected that other countries will overtake US as the main markets for voice control products.

•  By 2020 over 52million cars will be fitted with Smart systems.

Introducing: VEWsmart™

We wanted to bring a solution that every business can use to integrate Smart systems into their own products Our system uses the latest ZigBee technology to work alongside Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Phillips Hue. It can also be used without the need for any of these systems with our standalone App as research shows not all of us will ever purchase a voice control system. 

If you are interested in the VEWsmart™ system and would like more information, please call 01302 238129 or email us on