Rechargeable battery lights from TLW

The Future of Battery Powered Lighting

At one stage in time it was commonplace for LED lighting to show large and obvious dots of light that came from the diodes in a product. Whilst some people prefer to maintain this look a lot of us are moving quickly towards a need for diffused ‘no-dot’ lighting which produces a continuous glow. Almost […]

TLW launch a brand new Lighting Colour Temperature Configurator!

Introducing the Brand New Lighting Colour Temperature Configurator!

The wait is over and we are so excited to finally announce that our Lighting Colour Temperature Configurator is now live! This brand new marketing tool has been intricately designed to allow our customers and their customers to visualise the huge changes that take place when lighting colour temperature is altered in a room. It […]

New year lighting tips from TLW

Top Lighting Tips for a Better VEW in 2019

So we’ve made it to the final working week before Christmas and New Year and what a year it has been! With 2019 looming it’s a great time to think about those resolutions some of us set ourselves at the beginning of each new year, and for some the changes we’d like to make centre […]

An announcement is coming 4th January from TLW

December Announcements… and a few New Year teasers!

We’re quickly heading towards the end of the year and things at TLW are busier than ever! There’s a lot going on here and we can’t wait for 2019 when we intend to bring you lots of exciting news and announcements. The start of 2019 will see the launch of something huge for the Marketing […]

What are the differences between spot and continuous lighting?

What are the differences between spot and continuous lighting?

This is a question that may seem like a no-brainer; spot lights are fittings that produce spots of light, continuous lighting produce long and unbroken beams of light. So what else is there to discuss about spot and continuous lighting? Whilst it really is that simple, it’s important to understand when it is appropriate and […]

Lighting Terminology like CCT, COB, SMD, and RGB

Lighting Terminology: what does it all mean?

When you hear lighting terminology associated with LED lighting it can often be confusing and feel like it’s complicated for the sake of it. Words like CCT, COB, SMD, and RGB are complicated, but it really doesn’t need to be. At TLW we are all about making lighting simple and want to help with every […]