Lighting Terminology like CCT, COB, SMD, and RGB

Lighting Terminology: what does it all mean?

When you hear lighting terminology associated with LED lighting it can often be confusing and feel like it’s complicated for the sake of it. Words like CCT, COB, SMD, and RGB are complicated, but it really doesn’t need to be. At TLW we are all about making lighting simple and want to help with every […]

Are you scared of planning LED lighting

Does planning LED lighting scare you?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week is all about the things that scare you, with trick or treaters going around neighbourhoods and horror films on every night; but does the idea of planning LED lighting scare you? Does the thought of starting from scratch, calculating drivers, picking colour temperatures and selecting cables fill you with dread? Well, […]

Exclusive events at The lecture theatre

First of many exclusive events for TLW in partnership with Instinct Laboratory

Last week was another exciting one for us here at TLW. On Thursday we co-hosted one of our exclusive events in partnership with CPS Manufacturing and Instinct Laboratory. This event invited specifically selected individuals to sit in on a series of in-depth seminars taking a step inside ‘The Lecture Theatre of the Future’. Instinct Laboratory […]

Lighting: less about the SKU and more about the VEW!

Lighting: less about the SKU and more about the VEW!

Traditionally in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture markets, lighting suppliers used to have to provide many different (and sometimes weird/wonderful/superfluous) lighting products just to get the client’s attention as in those days it was all about “choice”. Thankfully, the days of having to have twenty different types of downlight, ten different triangular lights, etc. […]

100% Design

TLW has blast at 100% Design!

Over a week has now passed and we are back and thinking about all the amazing things we saw at 100% Design. It really was a show full of fantastic creativity, truly versatile products and artistic flare. We were excited to be there and were blown away by the response we had from the visitors. […]