The countdown to 100% Design is on!

We are extremely excited to only be 2 days away from 100% Design. This dynamic and creative trade show is such a fantastic place to go for inspiration and interior design and architectural ideas. One of the great things about lighting is that whatever room, house, building or space you are designing, it is going […]

Showroom Lighting: Making it easy for your clients to buy from you! by John Craig

I remember when I started out in sales in those heady days of 1987 when selling was all about K.I.S.S ie “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. The thoughts were that, if you over complicated your pitch, then all you were doing was giving the clients more reasons to say “no” to you simply because they either didn’t understand the message or […]

EVENT: Come and see us at 100% Design!

September is going to be an extremely exciting month for us here at TLW. One of the reasons for this is that we are going to be exhibiting at 100% Design in London! Working in partnership with Drew Forsyth & Co, we will be displaying our high quality and innovative lighting solutions. 100% Design takes […]

How do I sync an RGB colour adjustable LED tape to a remote control?

RGB is fun, creative, innovative and versatile. There are so many amazing ways that you can use it and in so many places around your home, office, shop, restaurant. The possibilities really are endless (read our blog for some ideas on all the places that RGB looks fantastic). But setting them up can sometimes make […]

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Aluminium Profiles: a Q&A with Business Development Manager, Daniel Hughes

Aluminium profiles are a fantastic tool that, when used with LED tape, can create a beautiful and stylish lighting feature. Today we are talking to Business Development Manager Daniel Hughes to get some insight into these fantastic products. What are aluminium profiles used for? ‘Aluminium profiles are used in conjunction with LED tape to provide […]


The importance of integrated LED lighting

If you want your brand or make of manufactured cabinets to have the wow factor, you seriously need to consider integrated LED lighting. In our opinion, integrated LED lighting should be as critical a component to a cabinet as the hinge and handle configurations are. There is no need for lighting to be an after […]


RGB lighting: a spectrum of potential

When you think RGB lighting, what do you imagine? Shop windows? Discos? Kids’ playrooms? Well, yes, RGB is great for all those areas, but there’s so much more potential for this product than that. In fact, RGB is one of the most versatile LED lighting products you can buy and has the most opportunity for […]

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How do I sync a CCT colour temperature adjustable LED tape to a remote control?

There are so many amazing benefits to using CCT colour temperature adjustable lighting products. They completely transform a space, change the mood in a room immediately and have fantastic health benefits (read our blog for more details). But are they difficult to set up and use? No, they’re not! They’re actually incredibly easy to set […]

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Kitchen Lighting: It’s all about enhancing those expensive work surfaces.

In these days of beautiful (not to mention expensive) work surfaces, choosing the correct type and colour of lighting has never been more important. That’s where having the widest options open to you is of the utmost importance, as is knowing what to use, where and why. As the work surface is the only surface […]

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Where can I find useful videos about LED lighting?

There are many common questions that arise when talking about LED lighting, whether that’s around LEDs themselves, installing them, setting them up, controlling them or using them; we’ve heard them all. Over the years, here at TLW, we have come to realise that one of the most important qualities of our company is that we […]