A guide to LED colour temperatures

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to selecting the right LED lighting for a room, but one of the first things to think about is which colour temperature is suitable to match the style of the space.

It can be easy to get it wrong but even easier to get it absolutely perfect! So follow our guide to colour temperatures and make sure you always choose right.

What is LED colour temperature?

Colour temperature is the measure of a light’s colour and the effect this has when it’s cast onto a surface.
When discussing colour temperature, this is measured in Kelvins. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light temperature, the higher the Kelvin, the cooler the temperature.

Which LED colour temperatures are most popular?

At TLW, our lighting is available in a variety of colour temperatures, the predominant options being warm white at 3000K, natural white at 4000K and daylight at 6000K. However, our CCT switchable products can transition from 3000K up to 6000K and anything in between. Using CCT products in your home can have huge benefits to your health and wellbeing, as well as improving your sleep. Find out how by clicking here.

How do you know which colour temperature is right for a room?

As you can see from the images below, each colour temperature produces a completely different effect on the overall look and feel of a room and can change its entire appearance. It is crucial to consider the colour of your lighting before installation. Matching cool lighting with cosy rooms can bring a very cold atmosphere or adding warm lighting to an ultra-modern room can spoil that chic edge. Getting the colour right is that beautiful finishing touch that really brings a huge wow to the environment.

Colour temperature is important in all rooms but especially the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is often a room that suits cooler lighting, whereas a bedroom may benefit from slightly warmer temperatures.

What else should I consider when selecting my lighting colour temperature?

When selecting kitchen lighting it is important to consider the effect the lighting will have when it is cast onto your worktops. Certain colour worktops can lend themselves perfectly to some temperatures more than others. For example, darker marble worktops look great with cooler lighting, whereas light to medium shades of wood look fantastic with warm temperatures. Below you can see a few suggestions for the best pairing of worktops for the different temperatures, working from warmer colours (left) to cooler looks (right). Download our PDF guide to matching colour temperatures to worktops.

The style of any room should also be factored in when selecting colour temperature. More traditional designs are usually more suited to warmer lighting, whereas modern looks work well with cool colours. Natural white lighting is often a great compromise if you have a room that is somewhere in between modern and traditional.

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At TLW we manufacture lighting that is suitable for all styles of room in a many different colour temperature options. No matter what you’re looking for, we will have something that works!

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